Recruiting Scams Are on the Rise
The online recruiting scam works this way: the scammer fraudulently uses a company's name and logo, and perhaps the names of the company's employees handling recruiting or human resources, to solicit applications from job seekers for fake jobs. Many times, the companies are household names or long established, which gives the scam an air of legitimacy. Sometimes the solicitation comes by e-mail, but most often it is posted on a professional or recruiting website or social media platform. Like most phishing schemes, the scammer's e-mail address is similar to, but not the same as the legitimate company's e-mail address. Job seekers responding to the scammer's solicitation are offered fake job interviews by phone followed up by fake job offers. As part of "onboarding" the new "employee," scammers ask the job seeker for his or her sensitive personal information, such as a Social Security number and bank account information for direct deposits. In some cases, the scammers even ask the job seeker for money to run background checks, obtain certifications or cover alleged "advance costs" of office supplies. Because many jobs today involve remote or home offices, these types of advance cost requests for supplies or do not appear wholly unreasonable.
    One of the principle reason for Elite success is its ability to carry out just about any type of project management assignment, irrespective of industry sector. This is due to the broad range of skill held within our staff complement. Our primany aim is to employ tertiary-qualified professional staff. We support ongoing professional development by providing our people with the organizational suppose that allows them to maximize their potential and achive their ambition.
    Our recruitment is based on competencies or sets of behaviours, skils and knowledge and will focus on finding the best people for the available jobs. The selection process may involve several stages. If you meet the requirements you will be required to attend an interview and perhaps complete some psychometric and/or personal tests.The interview will be about you and your experience. You will be asked for examples of how you behave in different situations, drawing on examples from work, university or your personal life.

Submission of your CV does not represent a guaranteed hire. Jobs are available based on openings and business requirements.

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